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Michael’s Auto Body is located in Aurora, Colorado but serves the entire Denver area.  We are a family owned and operated auto body shop & collision repair company with more than 200 combined years of experience from our technicians.

Did you figure into an automobile accident in the Aurora, Colorado area? Your car can suffer from a range of damages depending on the severity of the catastrophe. In some cases, the damage might even prevent your automobile from performing properly, much less keep you safe on the road. When this happens, you will need to take your vehicle to a reputable auto body shop for repairs, and Michael’s Auto Body is here to help.

Michael’s Auto Body is a collision repair center based in Aurora that provides a full suite of automobile repair services to get your car back on the road following a nasty accident. Whether your car’s frame is out of shape or your windshield has a ghastly crack streaking across it, let us handle all the damages and restore your vehicle. Visit our collision center today and discover what they can do for your battered automobile.

Professional Service

Our auto body center in Aurora, CO offers professional car restoration and repair services to make damaged vehicles serviceable once more. No impact is too big for this professional repair center, and it is staffed by experienced and trained technicians. The crew can handle most exterior damages, and can even align dents to the unibody construction of a car.

In addition to restorations, the auto body repair shop Aurora can perform painting services as well. Michael’s Auto Body uses only the highest quality of paints from the Spies Hecker brand to produce a beautiful and lasting finish. You can count on us to perform a flawless job of replacing your automobile’s old color, or masking any paint scratches.

High Quality Guaranteed

What sets our body shop apart from other similar repair centers is our dedication to customer service. Michael’s Auto Body is determined to meet your expectations the moment you let the center take care of your car. To this end, our center offers a limited warranty for all its customers.

This warranty covers all accidental damages the auto body shop might commit. The repairs will be free of charge, and assure customers that Michael’s Auto Body will do nothing short of a perfect repair job. Michael’s Auto Body is an auto body shop that provides guaranteed car restoration services to areas such as Castle Rock, Parker, and Aurora, CO.

To learn more about this collision repair expert, visit our contact http://www.michaelsautobody.com/ contact page on this site and fill out the Web form.

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